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Autumn/Winter 2017 Trend with Clara Berry / Fashion Influencer
new collection kaporal
Tendance AUtomne/HIver 2017 avec Clara Berry / Influenceuse mode



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kid's collection - Kaporal

New Arrival - Kids!
Autumn / Winter 2017 Collection

see the boy's collection - see the girl's collection

kid's collection - Kaporal
Nouveautés Junior !
Découvrez la Collection AH - 2017

Boy's collection - Girl's collection


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men's jeans kaporal

Men's Jeans - New trend
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Boy's t-shirts kaporal

Basic or Graphic ? T-Shirts for Boys
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Last Call Spring/Summer at 50% Off

Spring/Summer 2017 Collection
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Sunglasses 100% made in FranceThe Sunglasses 100% Made in France
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Women's jeans Kaporal

Women's Jeans - The Must
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Men's polo Kaporal
#Polos Shirts

Men's Polos - New Trend
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Kaporal Magazine

June / 2017

Jean de Nîmes Sunglasses

Sunglasses 100% made in France with Waiting for the Sun
June / 2017

Kaporal #MaPetiteRobe

With them, the impossible does not exist.
April / 2017

Kaporal X Folklo by Ka

A Rock'n'Folk Collaboration

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