Men's Bags

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Men's black and grey shoulder bag

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Men's black satchel


Men's Bags

Once reserved entirely for women, bags have gradually made their way into men's wardrobes and are now worn as a genuine fashion accessory. Both practical and fashion-forward, men's bags are everywhere now so men can carry their personal belongings without having to overload their pockets. Discover our collection of men's bags right now.

Bag, satchel or wallet: fashion accessories

On this page you will find a wide range of bags including sports bags, shoulder bags, computer bags, and satchels as well as wallets. We have a variety of designs in different styles and materials such as leather, soft fabric, cotton, etc. You can also choose from multiple colours and patterns, from plain black or khaki to camouflage print.

Above and beyond its practicality, a bag adds the finishing touch to your look and should be chosen with care to match your outfit perfectly. Here are some tips on how to choose the right bag.

A bag to complete an outfit

The choice of your bag depends primarily on why you want to use it: a sports or travel bag has a different function from a satchel. Apart from this functional aspect, which dictates the shape of your bag, there are several options depending on the style you prefer.

The two main criteria are material and colour. Leather is still the best choice to top off a smart outfit, with raw denim and a blazer or jacket. For a more streetwear look, a camouflage print or a denim bag will perfectly complement an outfit with wide-leg jeans, trainers and a sweatshirt.