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Men's tapered slim-fit trousers


We provide you with a wide range of trousers available in various colours so that you can find the perfect trousers for men. Whether you prefer a wide or close fit, long or short trousers, a dressy look with chino trousers or a more casual look with a lattice style: put together outfits that suit you and any occasion.

How to choose your men's trousers ?

The choice of trousers should be made according to your style, but above all according to your morphology so that you feel comfortable in any situation. The cut of your trousers should match your figure to create a harmonious outfit. The most important thing is comfort, no matter what type of trousers you choose. Chino trousers can be worn tight, slim or straight, depending on whether you prefer to show off your legs or to give them more substance. As for the length, find the right balance between long trousers and Bermuda shorts. For example, you can opt for a model that shows your ankles. Then accessorise your outfit with a braided belt, in leather or canvas.

What are men's chino trousers?

Much lighter than jeans, the chino is inspired by the cotton fabric of military uniforms. This type of trousers offers a very breathable and comfortable fabric, which, although slim-fitting, leaves you free to move while structuring your silhouette. The chino has become widely accepted in men's wardrobes because of its cut, which ensures an unfailing elegance. Capable of being combined with all the clothes in your wardrobe, it gives you complete liberty in terms of style.

How to choose men's chino trousers?

As with jeans, chinos come in a variety of cuts. You will find regular, slim, straight, skinny and tapered cuts. Each one has its own effect, so it is important to choose your men's chino according to your body type. Men with an H-shaped figure will wear a tapered chino better than a slim fit. Conversely, men with a long body shape will prefer a closer fit such as a slim or skinny. The regular chino trousers are suitable for a large part of the body type. You can therefore be tempted without hesitation.

How to wear chino trousers?

Along with suit trousers, men's chino trousers are a reference for work wear. With their dressy cut without overdoing it, men's chino trousers are ideal for going to the office. Nowadays, chinos are often worn short, 7/8ths to show off your ankles and why not add a touch of originality with a pair of trendy coloured socks. If you want to go exotic, you can opt for a summer colour with a red or sky blue chino. Bright colours go perfectly with a white t-shirt this summer. For a classic look, choose a navy, beige or khaki with lace-up shoes and a fitted jacket. The more discreet colours are perfect for wearing your chino to work or a business meeting. The slim fit from the waist to the ankles will give a stylish look and the colour will ensure a certain seriousness in your work. Whether you pair them with a T-shirt and sneakers for a casual look or with a shirt and derbies for an occasion, chino trousers have become a must-have piece of the men's wardrobe.

How to wear men's trousers to enhance your figure?

There are other trousers than the chino that can fit you. Perfect for a night out with friends, cargo trousers come in a variety of colours and patterns. They have a casual look with knee pockets and a cut inspired by military fatigues. Wear them with trainers and a T-shirt to add a fun touch to your outfit. Choose plain camel brown trousers for a casual and trendy look. Don't forget the denim trousers, with a large number of cuts, you will surely find the model that will enhance your figure while offering you great comfort thanks to its material. Discover the different products available in our range that will ensure you have a style at the cutting edge of fashion.