Women’s cardigans

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Women's blue cardigan

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Women's black cardigan

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Women's white cardigan

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Yellow openwork waistcoat for women


Whatever the season, the waistcoat is for women an essential to have always at hand. Basic or original, the woman's waistcoat completes our outfit and reflects our look, or conversely allows us to mark a contrast with the whole. Short or long, it goes with all styles and adapts to all morphologies. Discover our collection of women's cardigans now!

Simple and elegant cardigans

Enjoy a wide choice of cuts and colours to boost your look! From the simplest to the most original, style and trend remain the key words in our selection of women's chunky cardigans. To please as many people as possible, we offer both large knitted waistcoats and finer models. Black, light, plain or patterned, to wear over a t-shirt or a dress, you will find all types of waistcoats in our collection.

How to correctly match a women’s cardigan?

The choice of cardigan can really make a difference in enhancing an outfit, or conversely, can break the harmony in case of fashion faux pas.

The long cardigan is perfectly suited to curvaceous women, as it will slightly emphasise the buttocks. If you choose a sufficiently large cardigan, it can remain comfortable even if you close the buttons. If you are taller, you should also wear a long cardigan with heels to emphasise this feature.

Thinner women can choose waistcoats of any height, and are particularly good at wearing small boleros.