Women’s trousers

Although it took a while for trousers to make their way into women's wardrobes and only became a fashion statement in the 1960s, they are now one of our favourite pieces of clothing. Both sexy and comfortable, they are ideal for staying free to move throughout the day and come in an infinite number of styles, colours and trends. Women's chino trousers, cigarette trousers, flowing trousers, straight trousers, slim trousers... Discover our wide selection of available women's trousers.

Highlight your shape with perfectly cut trousers

Indulge yourself with perfectly cut, fashionable trousers that will fit and enhance your shape. You will find on this page different models of trousers that you can wear with all your clothes.

The choice of a pair of trousers depends on both your style and your body type. The size is essential to choose the right trousers. If your legs are rather thin, you can, for example, go for slim jeans or even skinny trousers. If you have a curvy figure, we recommend straight trousers, preferably plain, to slim down your figure. Tight trousers such as a woman's chino will go perfectly with a loose top, while flowing trousers are best paired with a close-fitting tee-shirt to create a harmonious look.

Which women's trousers to choose?

Between short and long trousers, find the ideal length that will enhance your legs. The colour of your trousers also plays an important role in your outfit. Choose dark navy, black or khaki trousers for a work outfit or a formal evening out. In the summer or for a night out with friends, go for bright colours like red or blue, light colours like white, beige or pink, unless you prefer floral patterns or stripes that run down the legs from the pockets, a detail borrowed from the jogging style.

Add a belt to your outfit to mark your waist and structure your look. We have a wide range of products available to create both chic and casual looks that are always on trend.