Women’s skirts

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Women's decorative wrap skirt

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Women's beige denim skirt

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Women's green skirt


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Women's long printed skirt

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Women's denim skirt

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Women's denim skirt

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Women's khaki asymmetrical skirt


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Women's floral wrap skirt

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Women's khaki denim skirt

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Women's black skort

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Women's cream skirt


The skirt, the essential item of women's clothing

When you love fashion, the skirt is undoubtedly one of the key pieces in your wardrobe. Short or long, in suede, denim, canvas or velvet, the skirt is renewed season after season and always allows us to express our femininity in broad daylight. Discover without further delay our new collection of skirts for women available in several sizes.

What to wear with a skirt?

Season after season, we offer you different collections to allow you to vary the materials as well as the cuts and colours of your skirts. Make the most of our wide choice of models to complete your skirt collection: high-waisted, short, fluid, long, tight-fitting or skater, with fringes or ruffles... In summer, vary the pleasures by alternating skirts and shorts to diversify your looks to the maximum. Whether you like colour or prefer the elegance of black, you're sure to find the skirt of your dreams, whatever the season.

Depending on the style of the skirt, you can combine it with other clothes to make a statement. A denim skirt, for example, pairs perfectly with a small leather jacket for a rock look.

For a more casual look, you can wear your skirt with a loose white linen shirt and a pair of trainers. On the other hand, for an evening out, a little black leather pencil skirt with a pair of pumps will give a very elegant effect to your walk.

In spring, a cotton skirt with a floral or polka dot print can easily be worn with a pair of trainers. An outfit in which you will feel comfortable in all circumstances.

In autumn, the skirt goes perfectly with a nice pair of knitted tights, plain or printed. You can also play on the length with a long wool cardigan, a short skirt and a pair of high boots. A perfect combination to face the cooler temperatures.

In summer, dare to use colour and patterns and in winter think of playing with textures and darker colours with corduroy for example, while thinking of emphasising your waist with a belt.

How to choose your skirt according to your morphology?

If you are rather round in the hips and buttocks, we recommend a straight or high-waisted trapeze skirt to lengthen the figure. If, on the other hand, you are very thin, you can try to create volume at the hips by choosing more flared skirts. Pleated, draped or flounced skirts will also suit you very well. H-shaped women should opt for mini skirts to add glamour to their shape, while pencil skirts are perfect for A-shaped women.

Opt for quality at the best price by choosing a skirt from this category. Midi skirts or straight skirts, flared or buttoned, in jersey or knit, pleated or patterned: the skirt is the ultimate feminine garment. Printed or plain, the skirt comes in many colours so that you can fully assert your style in any season. A symbol of femininity, the skirt, whatever its colour, is one of the must-haves in a woman's wardrobe, so don't wait any longer to make your choice.