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A very fashionable shorts design

With its vintage look, the women's cargo shorts are a must-have fashion item for this season. Inspired by men's shorts and trousers, this product is more feminine to ensure optimal comfort and a great look every day. When the warm weather returns, it's the perfect opportunity to show off your legs with these stylish shorts. This model combines the comfort and the loose side of Bermuda shorts with the chic of straight trousers. Break the codes, change the traditional blue denim shorts and bring a touch of pep to your outfit.

The cargo fit: a garment for all sizes

Cargo shorts have the great advantage of being adaptable to all body types. Indeed, whatever your size, you will certainly find the product that best suits you. Whether you are tall, short, round or slim, cargo shorts are relatively straight and do not mould to your hips and thighs. This allows you to feel comfortable throughout the day. In a short version with a rolled up hem, they will show off your legs and lengthen your figure. In the longer version, it will be the highlight of your outfit and bring structure to your ensemble. With its side and back pockets (raglan or patch pockets depending on the model), this cotton and linen garment will quickly become your best ally when the sun comes out.

An infinitely adaptable style

With the cargo shorts, let your imagination run wild! Start by choosing the colour of your garment. Black, white or brown shorts can easily be combined with all the clothes in your wardrobe. However, if you want to make your cargo shorts the centre of your outfit, go for colour and even prints! A pair of red cargo shorts will look great with a more classic tee.

All women can easily make this trendy piece their own this season. Whatever your top (tee-shirt, tank top, crop-top, coloured, printed, with a message), a flowing top in cotton or stretch will go perfectly with it. Tuck your top inside your shorts and mark your waist with a knotted belt.

On hot summer days, small canvas shoes or sandals will form a practical summer style for everyday wear. Looking for a glam rock look that breaks the mould and shows off your personality? Pair your shorts with wide-soled boots or ankle boots for a fashion-forward look. If it's cooler at the end of the day, you can pair your shorts with a shirt or a light jumper. Tuck one side of your shirt inside your shorts and leave the other outside. For the jumper, tuck the front of the jumper into the shorts and leave the back out: unstructured chic effect guaranteed.