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*Subject to the availability of the item in your Kaporal Store.

An article interests me?

Free booking
I book it for free on my computer, tablet or mobile and choose the nearest Kaporal Store.

In less than 2 hours, I receive confirmation by SMS or email that my article is waiting for me in the shop.

Go in shop
I have 48 hours to come and try my item in shop and pay only if it suits me.


Is there a charge for this service?
No, this reservation is free of charge and there is no obligation to make a purchase.

When will I be able to collect my product?
Once the E-reservation has been made, the store will confirm that your chosen product is actually available in-store within 2 hours. Once you receive confirmation (by email and SMS), you can go straight to the store that processed your reservation. You have 48 hours to collect your purchases.

Can all products be reserved online?
No, some products are only available from Some items are only available from the website. These items are marked WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE in the product description. There may also be products from previous seasons (Sale section) that are only offered on our website. These cannot be reserved.

Are products that can be reserved online available from all Kaporal stores?
No, stock can vary from one store to another. For each product, only the stores that actually have the product in stock and are located close to you will be shown.

Can someone else collect the product from the store on my behalf?
Yes. The person collecting the product must bring the confirmation email (sent by email) and the identity document of the person who reserved the product on the website. If the product is suitable, then the person collecting the product can pay for it in-store.

Can I cancel an E-reservation?
Yes, you can cancel an E-reservation by clicking on the black button marked 'CANCEL MY RESERVATION REQUEST' in the confirmation email. Cancellations are final and cannot be reversed.


Do you have any other questions about this service?

Feel free to contact our customer services department:
By email at
By phone at: +33 4 91 81 0017 (no surcharges apply) from 08.30am to 12.30pm and from 1.30pm to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.