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Women’s handbags

There's no doubt about it, a women's bag is an essential aid that is taken everywhere she goes as well as a gorgeous fashion accessory. Combined with the right shoes, it gives every outfit its own character and is a fantastic way of expressing your personality. Browse our collection of women's bags to choose a stylish and fashion-forward model.

A bag for every outfit!

A woman's handbag often plays into her whole image, whether it is made of leather, suede or fabric, each handbag is unique and inseparable from its owner's personality. While many fashionable women have a weakness for the premium status of leather, there are infinite variations of leather bag designs so you can infinitely collect clutches and handbags to match each outfit tastefully with bags featuring quilted leather, studs, rhinestones, plain or patterned designs, and in black or coloured.

Our women's bag collection

Browse our selection of women's bags to find handbags, clutches, backpacks and shoulder bags. Every bag has its own use and character: many women use handbags on an everyday basis so they should be able to store all their personal belongings as well as being a perfect match for their favourite coat and shoes. For evening events, a black clutch is a must: for the most sophisticated choice,  opt for one without a shoulder strap, with rhinestones or studs, but it is always more practical to opt for a shoulder clutch with a pretty chain if you don't want to carry your clutch in your hand.