Women’s skinny jeans

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Women's skinny jeans

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Women's skinny jeans


The skinny jean is a trend in the women's wardrobe, and it announces the return of this cut to the forefront of the scene. What are these trousers and what are the advantages that make them a must-have fashion item also available for men? Discover all the advantages of these comfortable and trendy jeans. We offer a wide range of styles for women that will undoubtedly make you decide to adopt them. We invite you to browse our collection of women's skinny jeans in stock, offered in different sizes, colours and patterns.

What are women's skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans get their name from the second skin effect they offer when worn. This slim fit jean hugs all the curves of your body and shapes your curves with style. Unlike slim jeans, skinny jeans are not made exclusively of cotton, which makes them softer and even closer to the body while remaining very comfortable. The skinny fit, with its sculpting effect, perfectly enhances long legs. Timeless, women's skinny jeans are now available in many prints, each more original than the last. Ideal for letting your personality shine through!

Our women's skinny jeans collection

Priority to colour! Rather adapted to slim silhouettes, skinny trousers can be eye-catching with flashy shades. We offer women's skinny jeans in different colours from one season to the next so you can play with your different models and vary your outfits. In winter, we prefer raw denim, or black, blue, grey or burgundy colours, and in summer, we allow ourselves to be more imaginative with bright colours. Solid colours are ideal for showing off your legs.

Browse through each model to see the cut, length, waist height, pocket shape and finishing touches. Dark, faded or coloured, you're sure to find a pair of skinny jeans that's right for you.

How to wear women's skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans go with all your outfits and shoes. Rock with an oiled skinny, a leather jacket and trainers, bohemian with a flowing tunic and a pair of thigh-high boots, or casual with a fitted shirt or chunky jumper, dressed with a pair of pumps. You can also find women's skinny jeans in both high and low waist. Whether you have an H or A shape, the choice is yours! Skinny jeans bring a feminine touch to your outfit whether you are at work or at a party.

How to choose a woman's skinny jeans according to my body type?

To emphasise your slim waist, opt for high rise jeans, which will allow you to lengthen your look. Although skinnies are essentially the prerogative of slim figures, they can also be tamed by different morphologies, although more attention should be paid to harmonising the curves: hips, thighs and buttocks. Women with pronounced hips will be able to soften them with flowing clothes such as a beautiful, flowing blouse, to draw attention to their calves.

Skinny jeans are not recommended for very curvy women, as they accentuate their shape. Women who are fully aware of their curves and are perfectly comfortable with their shape can nevertheless enhance their curvaceous sensuality by choosing a mid-rise black skinny jeans, normal size, and by wearing it with high, thick heels. All you have to do is choose from our selection of women's skinny jeans!