The sales are on now! 
Take advantage of 50% off the entire winter collection* and 30% off all jeans. Ready to transform your dressing room?
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*Autumn/Winter 2023 collection sales: 50% off men's/women's/youth ready-to-wear and accessories & 30% off jeans in shops and on Sale prices do not apply to the gift card, items marked with a blue dot, leathers, the Mecs De La Rue capsule and new Spring/Summer 2024 items. Offer can only be combined with your Le Klub offers. 

Outlet boutique sales: -40% off autumn/winter 2022 and earlier collections & -10% additional discount for every 2 items purchased, excluding products marked with a blue dot and new Spring/Summer 2023 items. The discount applies to the Outlet price. Not valid on the Outlet department.

Sale dates: in your shops in the Meuse, Moselle, Meurthe et Moselle and Vosges departments: from 02/01/24 to 29/01/24. In your shops in Belgium: from 03/01/24 to 31/01/24. In your shops in mainland France (excluding Meuse, Moselle, Meurthe et Moselle, Vosges) and on from 10/01/24 to 06/02/24.