Men winter 21

This season, the Kaporal man is making waves.

A new energy in his attitude is driving him to walk the streets of the city and beyond with a more committed spring in his step. Inspired by rock 'n' roll style, as always, the collection celebrates the positivity of the creatives, the rebels who work with their hands and their hearts: utilitarian style and neo-military elevated by checked prints and blouson jackets. When it comes to colours, the accent is on burgundy, terracotta and mustard yellow. It goes without saying that the collection features denim big time in a new and very modern way of imagining comfort jeans for @home wear or urban travel. A concept based on the Extend denim concept offering total freedom of movement...

With agility and comfort, silhouettes are moving forward, crossing urban landscapes to reach the wide open natural spaces.
--- Live. Work. Create --- Live. Work. Create --- Live. Work. Create --- Live. Work. Create --- Live. Work. Create