Men’s canvas shorts

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Men's khaki camo 100% cotton shorts

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Men's khaki Bermuda cargo shorts


As spring gives way to summer, relaxation gradually takes hold of our minds and is reflected in our look. Priority is given to comfort and freedom of movement, with bottoms that let our legs breathe. Find the largest selection of men's canvas shorts and bermudas at Kaporal, to expand your collection of summer clothing.

Our collection of men's canvas shorts

As always, Kaporal meets your expectations by offering you a vast choice of models to suit all styles. From the simplest to the most fashionable, you will find among our different collections both plain and coloured models and original prints. Kaporal follows fashion to alternate the models offered: military prints, men's Bermuda shorts with straight cuts and hanging cords, or simple canvas shorts of the Chino type with or without pockets. If you like to vary the colours, you will love to follow our new collections and buy shorts in different colours every year: blue, yellow, coral, pink, beige, white, khaki, black... The basic men's shorts are a must-have to order in all their variations to match with a t-shirt or a polo shirt throughout the summer season. The cotton shorts like the chino shorts are a must-have that you can wear from one year to the next. Like Bermuda shorts or trousers, you will also find different plain or printed fabrics among our products for even more choice, all at a low price. You can also opt for more stretchy compositions for sports.

What length for your men's canvas shorts?

In addition to the colour, the choice of length will impact your style and should not be left to chance. Longer than shorts, men's canvas shorts are more suited to taller men, especially if they are below the knee. You can also make the most of this to emphasise your waist by accessorising your canvas shorts with a belt. For a shorter person, these shorts will visually reduce the waist, which is not desirable. If you are rather round in the thighs, it is better to choose straight canvas shorts that come slightly above the knee. Men with muscular thighs and tapered legs should wear shorter styles to emphasise their assets.