Men’s cargo shorts

Cargo Bermuda shorts: the trendy cut

This summer, opt for men's cargo shorts. Featuring 5 pockets, including 2 side ones, at knee level, the cargo shorts have a casual and trendy style that will easily match your clothes. We offer a wide range of models available in stock in various colours: khaki, navy blue, white, black, red...

Cargo shorts are a perfect alternative to jean shorts or chino trousers. They flatter the figure by adding volume to the lower body. When the pockets are patchy, they bring style and harmony, perfect for muscular legs. When they are puffy, they give structure to your silhouette, especially for slimmer people. Men's cargo shorts are a fashion item that has become a staple in men's wardrobes. They can be used to create a variety of everyday looks, both casual and elegant.

What to wear with cargo shorts?

Bermuda shorts or cargo shorts are the highlight of your outfit and add character to the whole. Cargo shorts can be worn for streetwear, sporty or casual looks. Wear your cargo shorts for a night out on the town or to work if they are allowed.

You can easily pair them with formal pieces such as a shirt with a classic collar or Mandarin collar and derbies to create an offbeat look.

If you're going for a casual look, pair your cargo shorts with a coloured tee, a plain or printed polo shirt and a pair of trainers.

When it's cooler, you can slip on a leather jacket for example. Structured jackets combined with a cargo jacket make for a very masculine and trendy look. You can also accessorise your outfit with a belt, for example, to mark the waist.