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Men's blue tapered shorts


Denim shorts: the item of this summer season

Men's denim shorts are perfect and easy to wear on warm days. They allow you to adopt a casual or more sophisticated style without getting too hot. Create a bold and modern denim look with coloured shorts or choose a more classic and sober piece that you can easily match every day. In our available collection, we offer you different models of denim shorts in blue, white, ripped effect, with a hem... which come in different cuts and sizes.

How to choose men’s denim shorts?

In summer, we advise men to choose light colours. Washed denim shorts, for example, will absorb less heat than dark denim shorts.

Like the cotton chino or cargo shorts with pockets, denim shorts and bermuda shorts are the most popular summer fashion items for men. They offer comfort and freedom of movement at all times. They are quick to put on and easy to pair with flip-flops for the beach or tennis shoes for a night out on the town.

We have models available in various colours: faded blue, plain white, black, raw... for a sober or more original summer outfit. Depending on the style you want to adopt or the occasion for which you want to wear it, choose from our wide selection.

How to wear denim shorts?

In order to enhance your figure, there are combinations between body shape and cut to wear a pair of men's denim shorts.

Muscular men will be able to wear a close-fitting cut to emphasise their figure. On the other hand, men who want to add volume to their legs will opt for straight or rather loose-fitting denim shorts.

Finally, whatever your body type: avoid wearing your denim shorts at mid-knee level. Pull up your Bermuda or denim shorts with a belt or hem them just above your knees. Mid-knee jean shorts give a cut-off impression to your silhouette, which can destructure your look.

In addition, your shorts should fall to your hips without feeling cramped or allowing the fabric to sag at the buttocks or crotch.

What to wear with men’s denim shorts?

A must-have piece for the men's wardrobe when the weather is nice, denim shorts can easily be worn with many different clothes. You can combine blue denim shorts with a T-shirt and a pair of trainers for a casual, sporty look.

You can also pair dark denim shorts, in black for example, with a pair of loafers or boat shoes, a belt to mark the waist and a white shirt for a more elegant outfit, ideal for the seaside or for a summer ceremony.

The more extravagant can be tempted by original models of coloured or printed denim shorts. In this case, you will have to pay attention to the mix of colours and patterns of the rest of your outfit to keep a trendy look. For the top, choose neutral colours such as black and white, or a colour that complements your denim shorts. In the case of patterned denim shorts, avoid mixing patterns between the top and bottom. A plain polo shirt or t-shirt will show you off without a hitch!