Ligne Origin

The brand’s core identity line represents and promotes all of the brand’s codes, updating them with each collection. In it, you will find signature pieces and key colours that Kaporal has offered its followers since its creation, with an attention to detail specific to the brand.In this way, the clothing becomes a code, giving access to a unique look.

Theme - Universal Indigo

The range is strong yet relaxed since the colours combine solidity and lightness. Blues make a big comeback, mixed together, with navy, indigo and sky blue enhanced by brown, for a nod to vintage and vermilion for a nod to maritime. A hint of graphic-ethnic, it’s a fitting continuation of winter’s DENIM MAKER owing to the range’s hand-crafted approach. Navy inspiration is essential in a more jeans-focused version. Stripes are however present in order to reiterate their come back and add a dynamic touch to the mood. A start to the season which plays with and plays down the hallmarks of DENIM.


Theme - Long Courrier

The spirit of travel endures and the visuals remind us both of Africa and Japan. A collection dedicated to explorers and travellers on the road. Ethnic, rustic and vintage are the driving forces of this theme. Colours range from soft to patinated shades. Note the new browns. As for the look, it is quite loose and bohemian giving priority to comfort and relaxation. A skilfully casual style exploiting the contrasts of interior/exterior style and elegance/relaxation.


Theme - Summer Bounty

A beachwear mood, with floral and jungle inspiration, which is an invitation to the pleasures of summer, well-being and lounging around. The feeling of getting away from it all is once again self-evident. The range, fresh and decadent, gives a holiday feel to all the items. The silhouette is built around iconic pieces making up the essential aspect of mid-summer clothing. The active-wear touch, which modernizes the offering and, worth noting, the return of gingham and the continuation of plant green.



Ligne Casual

An evolving, contemporary line designed for customers who like an understated look. Less is more could be the slogan for this line since the clothes, lines and looks created without ostentation respect Kaporal’s codes. A cool, elegant line, both urban and outdoor. A cool, elegant line, both urban and outdoor.

Theme - Night Run

Clothing for the active man in tune with his time with a focus on hybridity. Style combines with performance, a combination that takes place between functional and formal style on the one hand and urban and sportswear on the other hand. The materials are technical and the accent is placed on nocturnal visibility, sometimes with reflective materials. The trousers are worn tracksuit-style, the jacket is given a new masculinity by borrowing the hallmarks of the parka and the windcheater is revisited with materials which are smooth, flexible and rubber-like to the touch with curved dimensions.Mainly black, the high-tech range incorporates the brightness of pink and summer green.


Theme - Gravity

A collection with a mid-season vocation offering adapted products by means of ultra-light materials, coated linen, nylon and parachute fabric combining easily with stretch since this clothing is derived from innovative sports fabrics. It is self-assured mobility from the world of active-wear, synonymous with fluidity. The casual t-shirt has fun with geometric shapes and the ease of the loose-look is essential.


Theme - Eco Zen Safari

A fun, hot summer which focuses on elegance with a chilled, colourful theme. Too blessed to be stressed – this is the slogan of the range which combines relaxation, fun colours and well-being. Beachwear safari in which jungle t-shirts, boxer shorts, lightweights and all the seaside style visuals prevail. We like the typical floral prints and the self-assured style. A neo-Hawaii range which combines modernity, casual mood, ease and nonchalance.

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