New Concept Store



This new concept was designed in response to the brand's desire to express the stronger identity of Kaporal - its identity as a jeans brand.

The world of jeans has always been connected with a raw product and wide open spaces associated with the American West, which is the origin of the desire to use natural materials such as wood, stone and vintage metals.

The space for the Men's Collection uses spruce wood while the more refined Women's Collection uses walnut furniture in lighter natural shades.

Hanging mannequins wearing denim, reminiscent of an in-store shop window, is a reminder of our core business: jeans. Again, the purpose is to refocus on Kaporal's denim identity.

The cash register makes reference to the canopies used in buildings in New York to create the impression of a dignified welcome.

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In addition to the natural and warm nature of the materials, the store is intended to make all the customers who enter feel as if they are in a cocoon.

For this purpose, the furniture was designed to create alcoves where one's personal possessions might be arranged, the tables look like chests of drawers and the changing room area was made to resemble a bedroom with a view, intended primarily to make customers feel as if they are trying on their jeans at home.

The lighting is also designed to create an intimate atmosphere.

The intentionally backless display cabinets create transparency and invite customers to discover the universe of the brand throughout the entire shop floor.

The brand's historic colour is referred to in the use of a lustrous red, reminiscent of a birdcage from the 1930s, and is combined with a joyful mood and music in the reception area.




All the furniture for this new concept was carefully chosen to complement the products and reflect the consumers.

The purpose is for everything to be flexible and mobile so that the space can be arranged and modified as necessary. The rolling racks contribute to this mobility.

The drawers of the two-way tables provide a presentation space for clothes of up to 1.80 m in length.

Accessories also have their own space in specific locations such as alcoves that highlight leather goods, scarves, belts, etc.



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